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Why did we start this business?

For decades there has been a major challenge facing small businesses — access to fair capital. The hardest part of gaining access to capital — and working with traditional banks, in particular — is typically that they don’t understand the business itself. Even with endless amounts of paperwork, the data they collect won’t give them the full scope of the business — the successes that can’t be shared in a standard form.

We’ve been there and know the struggle of accessing capital while building a business. We knew there had to be a better and more fair way to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We love entrepreneurship and that’s what is driving us to help fellow entrepreneurs build, operate, and grow their ventures successfully. You almost never hear the word “love” when it comes to banking and financial partners. But that’s exactly what our mission is… to build a business bank that people love to use.

But that’s exactly what our mission is… to build a business bank that people love to use.

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Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Doron Gordon, Founder and CEO, Viably

Doron Gordon
Founder & CEO

Steve Stover, EVP Product, Viably

Steve Stover
EVP, Product

Karen Clark, CPO, Viably

Karen Clark
Chief People Officer

Liana Hartal Kaneti, CFO / CBP, Viably

Liana Hartal Kaneti

Danielle Livy

Danielle Livy
VP, Marketing

Nir Tzur

Nir Tzur
EVP, Engineering

Oz Merchant, VP Customer Success, Viably

Oz Merchant
VP, Customer Success

Hagit Brosh, VP Data and Risk, Viably

Hagit Brosh
VP, Data & Risk

We love participating and engaging in local communities, which is why we’ve established headquarters in Raleigh, NC and Netanya, Israel.

These are places that are near and dear to us, and areas where we have built companies before. By building a global organization from the beginning, we have the ability to provide around-the-clock coverage to best support our customers.

If you are considering joining our team and we have an office in your location, we welcome you to work there, or from home — or both! The choice is yours. We are building our organization on a level of trust that each individual will be self-motivated and successful in remote/hybrid roles. We also offer numerous collaboration tools (Slack, Google Suite, Asana, Miro, and more) to ensure you stay connected with your team.

Viably is global with teams in Israel and United States

Our People.

Sure, every company says they love their employees, but how do they show it? With President’s Club trips only for sales people? Annual or semi-annual awards that are more about popularity than work achievement?

Viably employees spend quality time with their family and friends, they have passions and interests — and they also have a job they love with people that inspire and drive them to do their best work. Our people feel empowered to make decisions and help our customers. And, we want to hear from them on things we do well and where we must improve.

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