Ecommerce inventory planning and forecasting

With Viably, know exactly where your finances and ecommerce sales stand to grow your business. Streamline how you plan to restock inventory, finance a new product, or get funding.

Viably Sales Planning Tool

Sales and inventory planning designed to help online sellers reach their next goal.

Product tracking
to hit your targets

It shouldn’t be hard to understand how your product’s sales are impacting your ecommerce growth. Connect your marketplace to Viably to get a breakdown of ecommerce metrics and trends that influence your shop’s success.

Viably Sales planning tools
Viably Sales Planning Tool

inventory planning

Optimize how you restock your inventory or add a new product line. Viably’s inventory planning gives you a real-time view of your cash flow so you can be in control of how you time and finance your next big purchase.

ecommerce funding

Connect your cash flow and sales performance data to Viably, and let our funding wand do the rest. You’ve planned your growth, now reach your goals with fair and fast funding for your business, on your timeline.

Viably funding wand