Limitless Culture Simplifies Complex Finances on One Platform

Limitless Culture


Limitless Culture

Limitless Culture is a credit management company in Greensboro, North Carolina that helps its customers build their credit files.

Michael Meza, (Mike the Credit Guy, as he’s known to more than half a million TikTok followers) bootstrapped his business, built a brand through social media, and created a local footprint to help consumers and businesses build their credit.

The average consumer credit customer sees an increase of 60 points in their credit score over the first 90 days. Meza prides his business on coaching and long-term relationships with customers to build and maintain healthy credit to help them achieve their financial goals.




Consolidate and simplify business finances

Launching any business is difficult, but as Meza explains, there are unique challenges for businesses that are traditionally seen as “high-risk.”

“For whatever reason, the banks are skeptical of credit management businesses,” said Meza. “I knew this going in, so I worked multiple jobs to bootstrap Limitless Culture.”

Meza built a brand for Limitless Culture on social media, most notably on TikTok. Eventually, his business began to explode. He built an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, which became an additional revenue stream. And it also helped him find customers to work with on credit management.

“More business is a great problem to have, but it’s a lot to manage for a small business owner, especially with limited resources I get from a bank,” explained Meza. “The banks don’t help you with your cash flow or any of the data you need to run the business. I would need to pay for a checking account, an accounting tool or service, and another app to manage it all.”

Limitless Culture needed a consolidated view of its finances to help Meza manage his growing business.


Free and simple financial insights

Meza handles most of the company’s finances himself, in addition to working with customers, managing business operations, and creating tons of social media content. He needed a cost-effective way to help him with the company’s finances.

“When I saw Viably, I was shocked at all of the data points it shows proactively,” said Meza. “I see my cash flow, my deposits, and how much I spend on credit cards. It breaks down every category of expenses so I can really see where the money is going.”

Meza had always assumed it would take three or four individual tools to find the actionable data he needed.

“With Viably, it’s all in one place, so I can see how everything breaks down without the added costs and time of using multiple platforms,” said Meza.


Clear financial picture fuels business growth

Limitless Culture continues to grow. Meza has expanded his team, his social media presence, and his customer base. And now, he has a small business financial management app to help him stay informed.

“It’s harder to track the money than in the early days,” said Meza. “With Viably, it breaks down every category and shows me the projections I need to make good decisions for the business.”

Meza started Limitless Culture in his garage with his own capital. Today, his business continues to grow, both in the Greensboro community and within his social media platforms.

“It’s important to me that this is always an environment where people feel comfortable,” said Meza. “They’re talking about their life and their decisions, so I never want to lose that personal connection as we grow.”

With Viably, he has a proactive financial management app that allows him to focus on building an identity and a brand for Limitless Culture.