The Wright Village - Viably Customer Video

The Wright Village Customer Video

“I like that the bank doesn’t have fees. Most banks want small business owners to maintain a balance or they get hit with fees. But that’s the money they need to run their business.”

– Mel Wright, Founder and CEO of The Wright Village

Mel Wright knows the struggles that entrepreneurs face while starting out. She owned a retail clothing store, and at one point had to choose between her rent and her mortgage payment. That’s why she founded The Wright Village, a business incubator for entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

Here, Wright connects small business owners with resources, programs, and mentors to grow their businesses. She helps them navigate the challenges she knows all too well. The Wright Village is growing in terms of membership, resources, and geographic reach. As it grows, Wright needs flexible banking and financial management options to help her scale and offer more resources to Villagers. She also wants connect Villagers with financial partners that cater to small business needs.

Watch this video to see Wright’s passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs, the lessons Wright brings to her current venture, and how Viably’s vision for banking and financial management can help business owners starting out.

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