Amazon Ads: Different Advertising Solutions for Your Amazon Business

Amazon is a top marketplace for online sellers due to its extensive seller tools and resources, especially its effective and reliable advertising solutions. To enhance your online advertising campaign, consider these essential insights into Amazon Ads and how they can benefit your business. 

What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon Ads, also known as Amazon Advertising, is a suite of online tools designed to help online sellers and brand owners promote their products on and off the Amazon platform. These advertising solutions include audio, video, and static ads showcased on Amazon sites, devices, and premium third-party channels or publishers. 

By leveraging these advertising solutions, you can significantly enhance product visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately increase sales of your Amazon business

Different types of ad formats on Amazon

There are numerous methods to optimize your advertising campaign using Amazon Advertising. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, boost product visibility, or enhance conversion rates, Amazon offers a variety of advertising solutions tailored to different needs and objectives. To help you decide which ad format to choose for your campaign, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the advertising options you can take advantage of for your Amazon business.

  1. Video ads

Amazon video ads help sellers put their brand in motion. With the help of video ads, your products or brand can be showcased in Amazon premium content, including Prime Video and Amazon Freevee, Thursday Night Football, Fire TV, IMDb, Twitch livestreams, and other third-party publishers. 

It is estimated that sellers and brand owners who utilize Amazon video ads experience a 44% increase in incremental reach and a 73% higher purchase rate. Notable benefits of using this type of Amazon Ad include:

Improved Engagement: Video content is highly engaging and helps capture the audience’s attention more effectively than static ads.

Effortless Storytelling: With video ads, you can effectively share your brand story and connect with customers on an emotional level.

Broader Reach: You gain access to a large audience through various Amazon-owned platforms.

Who should use video ads?

Amazon video ads are ideal for brand builders who want to increase brand awareness and tell their brand story. They are also an ideal advertising solution if you are launching new products or aiming for a high level of engagement and recall.

  1. Audio ads                              

Another Amazon advertising option you can use for your brand are audio ads. This advertising solution is showcased on Amazon Music Free and Alexa-enabled devices. They are primarily 10-to-30-second ads that are non-skippable, making your brand known to listeners across first-party and third-party streaming audio services.

You can choose a typical audio ad or an interactive audio ad that targets Alexa users and encourages them to take action. The Alexa call-to-action feature allows users to add the item to their cart or request more info via email. Amazon sellers who have used audio ads for their brands have reported a significant increase in ad awareness and favorability.

The key benefit of audio ads is their non-skippable nature, ensuring your brand message reaches consumers without interruption. Moreover, with audio ads, you can seamlessly leverage Alexa for potential call-to-action directly from the ad, making it a convenient and effective advertising solution.

Who should use audio ads?

Amazon’s audio ads are perfect for brands or sellers aiming to tap into the expanding voice commerce market. Additionally, audio ads are an excellent choice for reaching a wide, engaged audience during their daily activities, such as people commuting to work while listening to music.

  1. Display ads

If you wish to engage with consumers wherever they spend much of their time, you can utilize Amazon display ads. Display ads help your business connect with customers across Amazon properties and other premium third-party content. 

This Amazon advertising solution is not exclusive to Amazon sellers. Other businesses, such as those selling cars, tickets, and even services, can display their ads on Amazon devices and properties such as the Amazon store, Kindle, Fire Tablet, Twitch, and Freevee. 

The main benefit of using display ads by Amazon is that it can help you reach audiences based on their shopping behavior and interests. Additionally, it is also customizable, allowing you to utilize various formats and placements for customized campaigns.

Who should use display ads?

Display ads on Amazon are ideal for multiple-platform sellers. Sellers who intend to do cross-selling or retargeting campaigns can benefit from using Amazon display ads for their business. You can leverage display ads to increase your product visibility on Amazon and other affiliated platforms. 

  1. Custom ads

Custom ads are tailored solutions offering creative and strategic options to fit your unique advertising campaign goals. This particular Amazon advertising solution combines information from business owners or advertisers with retail insights to develop advertising concepts and execution for your brand to increase brand awareness, conversion, and retention. 

The main benefit of Amazon custom ads is that they are customizable and geared towards a more immersive brand experience. Custom ads showcase unique and engaging ad formats that help your brand stand out from standard ad types.

Who should use custom ads?

Amazon custom ads are for those who are ready to explore innovative and creative advertising formats. They are ideal for businesses with significant budgets that are looking for unique, impactful advertising experiences. If you are ready to take your advertising to the next level, Amazon custom ads could be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Device ads

As its name suggests, Amazon device ads appear on various Amazon devices, including  Kindle, Fire tablets, and Fire TV. These ads reach Amazon device users through Amazon’s hardware ecosystem, offering you an opportunity to connect with customers even before they click on various digital content. 

Utilizing device ads for your Amazon advertising campaign means accessing millions of customers who use Alexa-enabled Amazon devices with screens. Thus, your reach will be beyond the usual online selling platforms. 

Who should use device ads?

If you want to target Amazon device users, device ads are an ideal option for your advertising campaign. Moreover, device ads are a good option if your brand is geared towards tech-savvy individuals, like those focusing on tech products or services. 

Other elements for success on Amazon

Apart from advertising, it would help to consider other aspects of the business when venturing into Amazon. Some of these considerations that you should take into account include the following:

  • Repricing Strategy

Your Amazon pricing strategy can significantly impact your sales and business profitability. Since Amazon is a marketplace where prices fluctuate frequently, it is highly beneficial to use repricing software.

To ensure that your prices remain competitive while maintaining your desired profit margins, you can use an automated Amazon repricer to adjust your prices in real time based on competitor prices, market demand, and pricing rules. 

  • Finances

Consider your finances carefully when selling on Amazon. This type of online business comes with costs, such as referral fees, fulfillment fees, storage fees, shipping costs, and advertising expenses.

Securing sufficient funding is essential for starting and scaling your Amazon business. Proper capital sourcing ensures you have the financial resources needed to sustain operations, invest in marketing, and scale your business as opportunities arise.

  • Product Sourcing

One essential factor for the success of your Amazon business is finding the right product to sell on the platform. Hence, product sourcing is a crucial aspect of the business you should take into account. 

You must source products from reliable suppliers who can provide high-quality items at competitive prices. Building solid relationships with suppliers can lead to better pricing, reliable supply, and exclusive deals.

  • Listing Optimization

To increase your business’s sales, familiarize yourself with listing optimization. Improving your listing optimization involves examining several components, including:

  • Product Title
  • Product Descriptions
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Back-End Search Terms
  • Customer Service

By providing great customer service, you are opening opportunities to build a loyal customer base and maintain a good seller rating on Amazon. You need to create positive customer interaction as much as possible, as it can lead to higher ratings, better reviews, and repeat business.

Business success through advertising

Each type of Amazon advertising solution offers unique benefits and is suitable for different marketing strategies and goals. By understanding these options, you can effectively leverage Amazon’s vast advertising ecosystem to reach your target audiences. This creates a solid foundation for your business and increases your chances of long-term success. 

This blog was contributed by our partners at Seller Snap.

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