Financial Management Software Pricing

The complete solution to simplify small business finances is free. Viably’s cash flow, income, and banking tools for small businesses remove the guesswork from critical decisions—giving you the power to dream boldly and run viably.


Viably Fee Schedule

Account Opening

No Fee

Monthly fee


Card Issuance

No Fee


No Fee

Check Issuance

No Fee

Check Deposit

No Fee

In-Network ATM withdrawal


Out of network ATM Withdrawal





Minimum deposit


Daily card spend per card


Viably is built by entrepreneurs who dealt with similar frustrations from traditional business banks—charging for ACH transfers, fees for sending and depositing checks, minimum account balances, fees for issuing cards, the list goes on.
Viably makes money from interchange fees, not from our customers’ accounts. Our goal will always be to keep improving the all-in-one banking and financial management platform to help you run your business.

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