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Banks, lenders, and marketplaces offer to fund your ecommerce business, but only at rates that gut your profit margins. At Viably, we use your business data to understand your growth opportunities, and provide the right type of working capital so you can grow your Amazon business.

– No hard credit inquiry
– No collateral or personal guarantees
– No giving up equity
– Receive up to $50,000 with the lowest fees in the market


Extend your cash flow with the right ecommerce funding.


Say goodbye to inventory cash crunches.

If you’re selling, we’re funding. Access the funding you need to restock a popular item or push your product listing to page one. Viably uses your business data to connect you with working capital.


A funding partner that specializes in ecommerce.

This isn’t an ecommerce loan from a bank or a cookie-cutter offer from the marketplace. Viably connects to all your tools and continuously monitors your cash flow so that a lack of funding never stands in your way.


It doesn’t stop with ecommerce funding.

Viably provides a free, all-in-one financial management solution so you can see the forest through the trees. Project cash flow, revenue, and expenses based on historical data. Always know where your ecommerce business stands.

Viably works with Amazon Sellers to grow your ecommerce business.

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“Small businesses need an solution that sets them up for financial success.”

– Chelsea Jenette

Founder and CEO of CharleyMadelyn

Apply for Funding

“It’s so valuable to have everything in one place so I can see where I am at all times.”

– Denise Nowell

Owner of Togamay


“Viably is a way for me to be proactive in dealing with finances.”

– Mike De Los Santos

Owner of Mike D’s BBQ

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What is Viably?

Viably utilizes a shop’s real-time sales data through integrations and connections with their banking and commerce tools to provide easy, immediate access to funding and banking products. To ensure that each ecommerce business is proactively supported in their financial growth, Viably continuously monitors cash flow through insights, recommendations, and trends, so that Amazon sellers always know where their business stands, and how they’ll pay for their next opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify, you need to be a U.S. based business that needs at least 6 months of selling on Amazon with an average of $10,000 of revenue over the last 6 months.

We cannot guarantee that you will be approved if you meet these criteria, but they are good general indicators about eligibility for Viably Growth Capital.

Viably Growth Capital is a capital advance against future sales from your store. We review your store performance and determine the available capital to you periodically. You may use the capital to fund inventory or drive sales or any other investment to grow your business. We will typically provide up to $250K where the repayment is done by deducting from future Amazon cash distributions.

Your data will be reviewed and we typically get you a decision within 48 hours. If additional information is needed, we’ll reach out to you and let you know what else is needed to finalize the decision.

Once approved and you accept an offer, your funds are instantly transferred into your Viably Business Account and are available to use immediately. No more waiting for a money transfer.

Your payments (including the fee) are deducted from your Viably Business Account upon payout from Amazon. Payments are taken out of your Viably Business Account within 24 hours of payout settlement from Amazon. We require changing your “deposit method” to your Viably Business Account.