Top 7 Best Amazon Sales Tools

Trying to improve your Amazon sales performance? Having the right tools and analytics is crucial to increasing your sales. With hundreds of tools out there that all claim to be critical to your success, we wanted to make it easier for you. After some research, we have compiled a list of the seven best Amazon sales tools. These tools for Amazon sales analysis can help you understand how customers interact with your products, track your shareholders’ interactions, monitor your competitors’ listings, generate leads, and save time on manual tasks. Here are the top seven best Amazon sales tools to help scale your business:


Having complete insight and visibility into the cash flow surrounding your Amazon sales operations is a must for any business. Viably effectively connects your Amazon Seller Central account that you’re already familiar with to your business bank accounts. With these connections, Viably’s analysis tools can break down every transaction going into your business and out of your business so that you can get a clear picture of how your sales and expenses will impact your cash flow. With this data, Viably can proactively offer you funding to grow your business and facilitate cash flow when you need it the most, like restocking, inventory purchases, advertising spend, and more.

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AMZScout Pro

AMZScout Pro is a great tool for sellers who want to do market research and track products on Amazon. It lets users compare product metrics, figure out how profitable a product is, and quickly and easily find profitable product reports. It also offers different reports, such as competitor monitoring, seller ranking, keyword search filters, and more. These reports give users an inside look at the strategies and performance of their competitors, so they can see where they stand compared to them.


FeedbackWhiz is an automated customer feedback management tool specifically designed for Amazon sellers. It enables users to manage their customer reviews on one central dashboard. It lets them respond quickly to bad reviews by setting up automated email campaigns that go directly to customers who have left bad reviews.

Additionally, FeedbackWhiz offers an array of additional features such as tracking product reviews, automatically sending thank you emails after a purchase, providing detailed analytics reports, etc., all of which make it easier for sellers to stay ahead of customer feedback and improve customer satisfaction rates.


SellerLabs is a set of tools made just for Amazon sellers that makes it easy to optimize listings with keywords, watch what competitors are doing, automate repricing tasks, maximize profits with smart pricing strategies, track inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations, and more—all from one central dashboard! Sellers can use SellerLabs’ powerful tools to gain insights into what’s working (or not working) with their products on Amazon, allowing them to make informed decisions about how to grow their businesses on the platform.

IO Scout

IO Scout is an AI-powered e-commerce analytics tool that helps sellers develop winning strategies by analyzing real-time data like product trends and user behavior across multiple platforms like eBay and Etsy, as well as competition and pricing structures, to find quick and easy ways to improve sales performance and increase profits in their niche markets. 

Its advanced algorithms give deep insights into user preferences and shopping habits, so sellers can zero in on what works best with their target audiences when advertising or selling products online through different channels like eBay or Etsy.

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout offers a powerful set of tools made just for Amazon sellers who want to know how their competitors are doing on the site. This lets them make quick and easy decisions about how to optimize their own listings and make the most money. With its comprehensive suite of tools, such as keyword research analysis tools, competitor analysis tools, and more, Jungle Scout puts the power back in the hands of the seller by giving them access to real-time data that helps them understand exactly what’s working (or not working) within their own niche markets. 

Helium 10 

Helium 10 is another powerful suite of tools designed specifically for sellers looking to maximize success on Amazon by taking advantage of its powerful algorithms, which analyze millions of data points each day in order to provide actionable insight into how best to optimize listings and increase profits quickly and easily. Helium 10’s suite includes features like keyword research analysis tools. 

There are numerous excellent choices accessible at reasonable prices that will make your life easier while also assisting you in taking your Amazon company to the next level. Whether you need market research analytics or help handling client reviews, anyone (or combo) of these seven incredible software options will help you do just that—try one today and see how much of a difference it makes!

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