Viably Expands Leadership Team to Enhance Service for Sellers

Cary, NCViably, a leading provider of innovative financial solutions for ecommerce, announces the appointment of Noa Gaziv as Chief Financial Officer and Brandon Ellison as Vice President of Sales. These strategic additions to Viably’s leadership team underscore Viably’s dedication to supporting the growth and success of ecommerce businesses and signify a pivotal move toward scaling expansion for the company.

With an expanding leadership team, Viably enhances its service and offers sellers additional financial resources to support the growth of their ecommerce businesses. Viably will continue to drive its people-first approach, with a greater focus on creating a financial experience for every seller that is more than paperwork and a transaction, but a growth partnership from the early days of selling to exit.  

About Noa Gaziv, CFO 

Noa Gaziv brings over 15 years of experience in the FinTech ecosystem to her new role as Chief Financial Officer at Viably. Prior to joining Viably, she held key leadership roles as CFO at a number of financial startups, both public and private. In her prior roles, Noa specialized in startups at growth phases, closing large funding rounds, and leading them to profitability.

Noa’s diverse expertise in financial management and growth, fundraising, operational processes, cash flow management, and more, has created a strong foundation from which to lead and deliver significant results. At Viably, she will streamline the journey toward the company’s  business and financial goals, as well as facilitate strategic decisions to achieve the rapid growth trajectory. 

About Brandon Ellison, VP of Sales 

Brandon Ellison brings nearly a decade of expertise in lending to his role as Vice President of Sales at Viably. Before joining Viably, Brandon held key sales leadership roles at two working capital companies, most recently as VP of Sales at Payability, where he led the company to record revenue achievements

Brandon’s deep understanding of a wide range of SMB-Mid Market financial solutions—from business loans and cash advances to invoice factoring and lines of credit—has enabled him to drive innovative sales strategies and deliver exceptional results in high-velocity sales environments. Brandon will build upon the company’s current momentum by driving new growth and increasing revenue, while offering best-in-class experiences to sellers.

“By extending our leadership team to include Noa and Brandon, Viably reaffirms its dedication to knowledge and experience for its customers,” said Doron Gordon, Founder and CEO of Viably. “As our company grows, so too does the expertise that we can offer our customers. Viably’s commitment to driving innovation and acting as a trailblazer for the ecommerce industry has never been stronger, and our people-first approach remains at the forefront of our mission. By expanding our leadership team, Viaby can continue to offer sellers a personalized approach to funding, while driving growth and establishing new resources for ecommerce entrepreneurs.” 

With increased leadership, Viably aims to establish an even greater presence in the ecommerce ecosystem for sellers and will continue to develop innovative solutions for ecommerce entrepreneurs, all backed by an unparalleled customer experience. 

About Viably

Viably is the complete financial solution to help ecommerce business owners extend their cash flow through funding. Ecommerce businesses often face marketing needs, inventory shortages, and seasonality which have a big impact on their cash flow. Viably utilizes a shop’s real-time sales data through integrations and connections with their banking and commerce tools to provide easy, immediate access to funding and banking products. To ensure that each ecommerce business is proactively supported in their financial growth, Viably continuously monitors cash flow through insights, recommendations, and trends, so that Amazon sellers always know where their business stands, and how they’ll pay for their next opportunity.
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