Viably Receives $21M in Seed Funding

Viably recently completed a $21M Seed round this week with support from previous investors Viola Ventures and Salesforce Ventures, while adding some new partnerships to our team with Angular Ventures and Bull City Venture Partners.

Our mission at Viably from the very beginning was to create a solution that small business owners could use to gain fair access to capital when they need it. This investment in Viably is a vote of confidence that the team we assembled and the vision we are building upon resonates.

“When I was building Samanage, the biggest challenge we experienced was the same as many of our current customers—fair and fast access to capital and banking products,” said our Founder and CEO, Doron Gordon. “That’s why I founded Viably, an all-in-one financial management app that gives small business owners unique insights into their cash and income.”

At Viably, we know small business owners have been hit the hardest in recent months. Often during economic lows, small business owners may find themselves with unexpected capital needs and their banks aren’t prepared with the proper tools to help them survive. We truly believe that if we can improve small businesses’ access to financial tools that help them better understand their business cash flow, income, and trends, they will be able to more easily access the capital that they need. This Seed round of funding will help us do just that, while we prepare to officially launch our product and optimize it for better market fit.

Partnering with Local Businesses

We understand that communities depend on their small businesses, so we’re making an additional commitment to help our neighbors thrive. Viably is launching the Viably Grow Grant program for new customers based in North Carolina! Every month, we will select at random an NC-owned small business to receive a $2,500 grant. In addition to the monetary grant, we will be opening up the resources and networks across the Viably team to the grant recipient. After all, we believe that better access to financial resources is simply the vehicle to help businesses make informed decisions to grow and prosper.

So, to our neighbors in the Triangle area: Simply sign up for Viably, connect your business bank account, apply for a Viably banking account– just a few easy steps and you’ll be entered into our first drawing. You’ll also enjoy immediate access to cash flow trends, spending insights, and more.

And, if you aren’t a small business owner local to NC, there’s a banking and financial management platform being built specifically for YOU and the challenges your business faces. Let us know how we can help you get started.

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