Should Your Small Business Create a Customer Loyalty Program?

Does Your Small Business Need an Emergency Fund?

Small businesses are always looking for ways to attract new customers, but one of best ways to maximize longterm profit is to build loyalty among existing customers. An effective customer loyalty program encourages new customers to become repeat customers, and it encourages repeat customers to stay engaged with your business. If you’re thinking about adding […]

6 Startup Expenses to Include in Your Budget

What is a Cash Flow Forecast

Starting a small business is refreshing and fulfilling, but it also comes with myriad expenses. Being unprepared for startup expenses means that you will quickly find yourself in over your head in terms of finances. If you’re not prepared for these startup expenses, you could quickly find yourself in over your head financially. It’s important […]

7 Easy Ways to Automate Small Business Tasks


As a small business owner, there’s always a lot on your plate. There is a never-ending list of demands on your time. So, it’s important to prioritize complex tasks over menial, repetitive ones. Luckily, many of your everyday business tasks can be automated. Small business task automation can save you time and ensure that you […]

8 Resources for AAPI Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Scale

AAPI resources

Building your small business can be a challenging process for anyone, but some individuals in America may also face many cultural barriers. Many Asian American and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs find themselves seeking access to resources to help build their business. Among those resources are financial support and development tools that can help Asian American and […]