Get to know Viably and how we support small business operations and financial management.

About Viably

As an ecommerce business owner, you’re constantly learning to keep up with an evolving ecosystem. But, what if you had a partner to help you through your financial growth? Viably offers tailor-made funding to boost your ecommerce business’ cash flow, along with a suite of tools and resources designed to help you make data-based decisions. We pride ourselves on the ability to help you scale your business sustainably and hit your financial goals. 

Viably is the first all-in-one financial management solution made for ecommerce businesses, offering a fully integrated suite of funding, banking, and forecasting tools your business needs. Say goodbye to multiple platforms and ensure that you have a clear understanding of your cash flow with one seamless view. Even better, Viably seamlessly integrates and syncs with all the tools that you need–meaning no more copy and pasting data.

Viably combines all of the necessary data to provide you with a complete picture of your ecommerce business’ financial health. In one powerful solution Viably provides you with a personalized funding offer and cash flow forecast, along with a banking platform to manage it.

Smarter systems help you spot trouble before it arrives, track trends, and discover opportunities to scale your business sustainably. We build a deep understanding of your financial status, giving you peace of mind on how to grow your ecommerce business so you can make better decisions and reduce risk.

At Viably, we get to know your business through our free financial management app built specifically for ecommerce businesses. By connecting the business bank account and ecommerce marketplace you’re already using, we deliver better visibility and control over your cash flow. Thanks to Viably’s funding and banking services, we also offer faster access to capital when you need it– ensuring that you can take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. 


In order to provide you with our services, Viably will collect your email address and full name. Your bank account information is connected to us through Plaid, a trusted technology platform that specializes in connecting financial accounts to applications, such as Viably.

Data encryption is a security method that changes data into an unreadable form, so that only those who are supposed to have access can read it. All customer data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, using secure encryption algorithms. By using such encryption, all your data is accessible and readable only by you and Viably.

We promise to keep your personal information confidential and never sell it to a third party. Only you decide how your information is shared.


As an ecommerce business owner, there is always something demanding your time and attention. You don’t have time to be constantly tracking and evaluating real-time financial data, searching for funding opportunities, and moving money between banks, especially across different platforms. You need an all-in-one financial management solution that connects all these systems for you. 

Most options for ecommerce business banking and funding require you to give up something. Viably is a better way for your ecommerce business to manage financials, secure funding, and bank conveniently. We prioritize your time and convenience. Run your ecommerce business your way, without the hassle. Instead of standing in line at the bank with a stack of paperwork for your next loan or diluting shareholders by issuing more equity in the company, we make it easy and fast to receive working capital improve buying power, start your next major marketing initiative, invest in a new piece of equipment, or begin a hiring push.

We work with ecommerce businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re banking, funding growth, or figuring things out, you’ll get the resources, insights, and recommendations you need. When you need money, we’re one step ahead. We optimize for speed to approval and money in hand. No paperwork, just integrations. No visits to the bank or conversations with a loan officer. Just get what you need and get back to growing your ecommerce business.

The free financial management app makes your finances visible and your future viable. Using our app (yes, for free!) you can optimize your business growth and financial health. We work with companies of all sizes, so whether you’re banking, funding growth, or just figuring things out, you’ll get the resources, insights, and recommendations you need.

When you need money, we’re one step ahead. We optimize for speed to approval and money in hand. No paperwork, just integrations. No visits to the bank or conversations with a loan officer. Just get what you need and get back to business.

Apply for Viably Growth Capital

To qualify, you need to be a U.S. based business that needs at least 6 months of selling on Amazon with an average of $10,000 of revenue over the last 6 months.

We cannot guarantee that you will be approved if you meet these criteria, but they are good general indicators about eligibility for Viably Growth Capital.

If you don’t get approved, don’t worry, your credit score was not affected and you still may become eligible in the future. The data you connected to us is periodically assessed to see if you become eligible and we will let you know once you are..

You can reapply on your own as well. We typically recommend waiting another 90 days before reapplying so the business can be assessed again with new growth data.

Our underwriting team will review your store sales performance and cash flow as well as other financial factors when processing your funding request. Sellers who qualify for funding will get a choice between several offers, including a customizable funding plan. 

The amount of capital made available at one point in time does not guarantee the same will be available the next time. The amount may go up or down depending on how your business fluctuates. Sellers who receive a funding offer from Viably are eligible to re-apply for more funding once their plan has been fully remitted. 

It’s simple and fast – Start by applying for Viably Growth Capital by providing a few basic details. Next connect your Amazon Seller Central account and your existing bank account to Viably. We would also need to verify your personal and business identity. Need help? We are always here at [email protected] or the chat option.

No. To make a credit decision, we will do a soft check on the owners and the business which will not affect your personal or business credit score. We may do additional soft pulls in future credit reviews, but these will not affect your credit score either.

Yes, and you may even be eligible for a better rate when you bring your business to Viably. Please note that Viably Growth Capital requires that you work with a single provider at any given point. Please reach out to us to discuss [email protected].

How does Viably Growth Capital Work?

Viably Growth Capital is working capital offered to your business on the basis of forecasted sales. We review your store performance and determine the available capital to you periodically. Growth capital offered can be used to purchase inventory, upgrade marketing, or make any other investment to grow your business. We will typically provide up to $250K with a repayment plan that lines up with your cash flow cycle. Repayments are deducted from future payouts from your ecommerce marketplace. 

Applying for funding with Viably is always free. If approved, there will be a flat fee associated with your funding. Fees are paid at the same time as funding remittance, and are simple and all inclusive to ensure no surprises. Fee amounts for Viably Growth Capital will vary depending on the funds drawn and the health of your overall business.

Your data will be reviewed and we typically get you a decision within 48 hours. If additional information is needed, we’ll reach out to you and let you know what else is needed to finalize the decision.

Once approved and you accept an offer, your funds are instantly transferred into your Viably Business Account and are available to use immediately. No more waiting for a money transfer.

Your payments (including the fee) are deducted from your Viably Business Account upon payout from Amazon. Payments are taken out of your Viably Business Account within 24 hours of payout repayment from Amazon. We require changing your “deposit method” to your Viably Business Account.

There is no restriction on how you use your new funds to scale your business. You may want to buy additional inventory. You may want to get more aggressive on some ad spend. You may want to hire that VA you’ve been putting off. Our goal is to help you scale your ecommerce business!

Since Viably automatically withdraws the funds from your Viably Business Account, you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. However, you may not have funds to cover the repayment amount in which case a “late fee” will be added to your next payment cycle if the funds are not made available within 24 hours of the initial payment date.

If approved, your offer will reflect the dollar amount of the funds plus the fee amount, along with your repayment schedule. Funding fees vary based on the amount of funds requested and the health of your business. 

Fees are automatically deducted when your funding is made available, meaning that you will receive your total funding offer minus the fee. This ensures that withdrawals from your Viably business bank account for repayment only account for your funding offer. 

We understand that a business may need to draw funds from other lenders at times, however Viably Growth Capital is funded against future sales so any funds drawn against future sales from other lenders would preclude you from receiving an offer from us.

If you currently have drawn funds from Viably Growth Capital, please note that based on our terms of service you cannot take on additional revenue based funding on top of a Viably Growth Capital.

With Viably Growth Capital, the amount of funding is fixed until it is repaid. Once repaid, you may apply again requesting more funds. Once we launch a line of credit product, then you will be able to request credit line increases.

Your offer will have a payment schedule with the specific dates listed out of when the funds are withdrawn and the specific amounts.