About Viably

As a small business owner, you learn as you go. But, what if you had a partner to help you through your financial growth? Viably offers education as well as data-based recommendations to ensure you are on the right growth path based on your own goals.

Viably is the first all-in-one financial management app made for small businesses, offering all of the financial tools needed for small businesses in one place. No longer requiring multiple platforms and ensuring they all integrate with one another and speak to each other. 

Viably combines all of your critical financial data in a way that helps you run your business with services tailored to your business – all in one powerful app. Smarter systems help you spot trouble, trends, and opportunity. Using the data from the tools you’re already using, we build a deep understanding of your financial status, giving you peace of mind on how to grow your business so you can make better decisions and reduce risk.

At Viably, we get to know your business through our free financial management app built specifically for small businesses. By connecting the systems and datasets you’re already using, we can deliver better visibility and control, smarter insights, and faster access to banking services and capital. We proactively bring banking options to you, not the other way around.


SMB owners do not have the time to evaluate, select, and implement best of breed systems to run their business. They need an all-in-one financial management app that connects all these systems for them.

Most options for small business banking and funding require you to give up something. Viably is simply a better way for small businesses to manage their financials and bank, grow, and run. Digital first. SMB first. Get you back-to-doing-what-love first. Instead of standing in line at the bank with a stack of paperwork for your next loan or diluting shareholders by issuing more equity in the company, we make it easy and fast to receive funding, credit, or working capital for your next project, major marketing initiative, new piece of equipment, or a hiring push.

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, side hustler, or getting a great idea off the ground, then Viably is for you! The free financial management app makes your finances visible and your future viable. Using our app (yes, for free!) you can optimize your business growth and financial health. We work with companies of all sizes, so whether you’re banking, funding growth, or just figuring things out, you’ll get the resources, insights, and recommendations you need.

When you need money, we’re one step ahead. We optimize for speed to approval and money in hand. No paperwork, just integrations. No visits to the bank or conversations with a loan officer. Just get what you need and get back to business.


In order to provide you with our services, Viably will collect your email address and full name. Your bank account information is connected to us through Plaid, a trusted technology platform that specializes in connecting financial accounts to applications, such as Viably.

Data encryption is a security method that changes data into an unreadable form, so that only those who are supposed to have access can read it. All customer data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, using secure encryption algorithms. By using such encryption, all your data is accessible and readable only by you and Viably.

We promise to keep your personal information confidential and never sell it to a third party. Only you decide how your information is shared.