Ecommerce Funding for growth

Simple, fair, and fast ecommerce funding for your business.

Extend your cash flow through funding

Choose the ecommerce funding product for you:


Up to 80% of daily sales

Daily cash payout of yesterday’s sales. Use this to get your payout sooner and continue growing your business. 

Best for starting sellers



Up to $1,000,000

For more established sellers: use this to restock your inventory, launch a new product, scale up advertising, grow your team, or any other business expense.

Best for growing sellers


No credit impact

We only do a soft check that does not appear on your credit report.

Fast approvals

Qualify based on your store performance and sales history.

Up to $1,000,000

Once approved, we deposit the funds to your Viably Business Account.

More than capital

Viably is an all-in-one banking app for online sellers.

What are the terms like?

With Viably Growth Capital you can get up to $1,000,000 to grow your ecommerce business.

With affordable fees and flexible repayment schedules. At Viably, we can align with your inventory refresh cycle. Need a different term? We’re happy to work with you.

Viably Growth Capital

The working capital product you need to grow your ecommerce business.

We know it takes money to grow an ecommerce business. Revenue-based funding tied to your store’s performance, with funds available within 24 hours. Viably is not a loan or debt, and unlike your bank, no personal liability is required.

Grow even faster with Viably

Inventory purchasing and product launches may be top of mind when you’re seeking funding, but Viably’s Growth Capital can be used for any business expense – use it to refinance expensive debt, grow your advertising strategy, or hire help.

A better way to plan your growth

Viably is an all-in-one banking platform for ecommerce sellers and includes:

– Business checking account and virtual cards
– Automation of your back-office tasks
– Sales planning tool to forecast cash flow needs.
– Integration with your entire tool stack

Viably Cash

The daily payout you need to streamline your cash flow.

Stop waiting for Amazon payouts and boost your cash flow. Get a daily payout of yesterday’s sales deposited in your Viably Business Account, so you’ll always have the capital on hand to buy new inventory or grow your advertising. Get your ecommerce funding today.

Grow your daily cash flow

Viably Cash Advance is not a loan — it’s one simple fee ranging 1%-2% based on your store’s performance.

To qualify, you must be selling on Amazon for at least 6 months with $5,000 in monthly sales.

Set your payout on autopilot

Getting paid does not have to be so complicated. With Viably Cash Advance, you can automate your daily payouts and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Get up to 80% of the previous day’s sales deposited to your Viably Business Account every morning.

A better way to plan your growth

Viably is an all-in-one banking platform for ecommerce sellers and includes:

– Business checking account and virtual cards
– Automation of your back-office tasks
– Sales planning tool to forecast cash flow needs.
– Integration with your entire tool stack

What our customers say

Michael Shackelford, Viably Customer

Finding an ecommerce banking partner

Michael needed to find a funding solution that had a transparent funding structure, didn’t have huge fees, and was interested in a longer term partnership.

Mike D's BBQ

Mike D’s BBQ

Better financial planning and cash flow forecasting helps Mike D’s BBQ put more sauces and rubs in the store and open a new brick and mortar restaurant.

Michael Corbishley, Viably Funding Customer

Changing how ecommerce views debt

Not only did Michael feel confident and trusting of the company though, he also found Viably’s tools and resources to be incredibly helpful to his business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Viably Growth Capital and Viably Cash Advance


What type of lending options does Viably offer for ecommerce businesses? 

Viably offers three different working capital products for ecommerce businesses, including: 

  • Viably Growth Capital (VGC): a one-time infusion of capital to help boost your business and empower you to seize time sensitive opportunities. This is ideal for businesses hoping to take advantage of a busy season, boost a product launch, or invest in something new. 
  • Viably Cash Advance (VCA): up to 80% of yesterday’s sales in your pocket today, designed to help keep your cash flow moving and prevent those annoying hiccups. 
  • Viably Wholesaler Accelerator (VWA): recurring funding to keep your cash flow moving and enhance buying power for Amazon wholesalers with a line of credit that grows alongside your business. 

All three of these funding solutions are designed to provide capital to your online business at the lowest possible cost for the maximum success and profit. Unlike other online lenders, Viably prioritizes your success as an online seller, meaning that our funding options are intended to be flexible and the capital available will grow with your business. 

No one knows your online business better than you do, that’s why you, the business owner, can decide exactly how to allocate your business funding. Whether you want to use your funding for inventory financing, boosting advertising for a new launch, or even to cover payroll during a busy season, it’s entirely up to you. You can use funding for any expense related to your business. We know that online sellers face unique challenges everyday, that’s why we’re here to provide you with funding solutions to solve them. 

To qualify for funding from Viably, your business must be U.S. based and established with a minimum of 6 months of sales history on Amazon or Shopify and meet a requisite sales amount, depending on which financing option your business chooses. 

  • VGC & VWA: $10000 in monthly average sales
  • VCA: $5000 in monthly average sales

It’s important to note that these are minimum qualifications for ecommerce financing from Viably. Each business is subject to review from our underwriting team and we cannot guarantee approval for funding purely based on these criteria, however they are good guidelines for success. 

Unlike traditional lenders or small business loan lenders, Viably does not require a personal guarantee or collateral from the business owner in order to qualify for funding. We recognize that ecommerce sellers are in a unique position where they often don’t have inventory on hand but still need the capital to run their business strategically. By reviewing your sales history and getting to know your business on a personal level, our underwriting team is able to confidently make an offer without the time or hassle that comes with traditional loans– helping you run your business more effectively sooner. 

To apply for funding simply click here and begin the process. It’s a quick and easy application that requires you to fill out some information about your business and sales history, as well as connect your business bank account(s). After that you’ll be able to view your preliminary offers. 

While traditional loan applications can be time consuming and require a lengthy process for approval, Viably’s expedited underwriting process allows you to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities for your online business. Where traditional lenders for small businesses may take weeks, or even months, typically we can have final offers for funding back to you in the span of 1-2 business days. 

Once your application is approved, funds will be deposited to your Viably business checking account within 24 hours. At that point you can start using your new working capital immediately to begin growing your business. 

Since Viably’s financing options are not a loan, we’re able to provide tailored rates and repayment terms in the business. All of our funding solutions use a set, one-time fee that’s automatically deducted from your initial payout, eliminating confusing terms while ensuring that the cost of capital remains low. For VGC and VWA customers this fee will be between 4%-8%, and 1%-2% for VCA customers, based on how long your repayment terms are. 

After your initial funding distribution, repayment cycles are automatic to create a seamless and streamlined process. Additionally these repayments are aligned with your online business payouts from Amazon or Shopify in order to avoid creating unwanted cash flow hiccups. 

Unlike traditional lenders and other ecommerce funding platforms, Viably has no hidden fees or penalties associated with our working capital products. We believe that you should understand the cost of capital upfront so that you can make the best decision as a business owner. As a result, our funding options use a one-time fee that is automatically deducted from your funding, along with a clear repayment schedule that’s meticulously aligned with your marketplace payouts.

Any and all business or banking information that you share with Viably in the funding application process is securely encrypted and stored in an unreadable form. This means that the only people capable of viewing your data (in read only) is our underwriting team, who use the data to prepare a personalized offer for your business. 

Viably is unique compared to other funding platforms thanks to its personalized approach to capital, tailored-rates, and fully integrated suite of financial tools to streamline growth. Instead of simply funding your online business, we’ve built a platform that will grow with you– giving you a comprehensive picture of your financial health. And, compared to alternative funding options, Viably’s expedited application process is simple and convenient, without any of those stressful questions that traditional lenders ask. 

Where other ecommerce funding providers simply distribute money without regard to the health of your business, Viably aims to help you reach your goals through funding for sustainable growth. 

How Amazon Sellers can get funded

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