Share your growth secret

As a known ecommerce wizard, you know first hand how working capital helped grow your business. Now, it’s your turn to empower your friendly online sellers to level up with Viably’s tailored ecommerce growth capital. 

When your friends take funding, you score a top-tier revenue share of $500 or more for each referral you bring on board.

How Do I Refer an Ecommerce Business Owner?


Fill out this form to kick off the introduction of your friendly seller to Viably. Use your Viably associated email.


Our team will take it from here (so let your friend know to expect a call!).


When your referral receives their first Viably Growth Capital funding, you pocket a minimum of $500. And, depending on the referral, you could snag even bigger payouts with our higher payment tiers.

How do I make sure my friend can get funding?

If your referred company fits the criteria below, Viably could be the ideal match!

US-based seller has at least 6 months of sales history. 

They are averaging $10,000 or more in monthly sales on Amazon and / or Shopify.

They are ready to grow even faster.


How will I know if the seller I refer is funded by Viably?

Your referral will be tagged in our system with your email as the source of this lead. As this referral moves through the process, if they are funded you will receive an email from our team about the successful referral and the referral fee amount you will receive in your Viably bank account. 

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

Absolutely no limit. We love to receive your connections and find them the right working capital fit. Keep them coming! 

When will disbursements be made?

Once your referral has taken their first Viably Growth Capital round, you will receive your referral fee to your Viably bank account within two weeks. 

Will I get rewarded each time my referral receives funding?

For the first Viably Growth Capital or Viably Growth Capital (Variable) funding you referral takes, you will receive:

  • For $10,000 - $49,999, the Referral Fee shall be: $500.
  • For $50,000 - $99,999, the Referral Fee shall be: $1,000.
  • For $100,000 -$249,999, the Referral Fee shall be: $1,500.

For any future Viably Growth Capital or Viably Growth Capital (Variable) funding rounds that your referral takes, you as the referee will receive $500 each time. 

What if someone else referred my contact as well?

If your referral is already in our system, but you help to make the introduction and move it forward, you will receive the referral fee.

If we have already funded your referral or engaged with your referral via another referee, you will unfortunately not receive a referral fee. 

What Viably Customers Say

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