Lavi - Viably Customer Video

Lavi Customer Video

“I’ve used a lot of different tools to build the picture I need for investors. I need everything under one house, and that’s what Viably does.”

– Nathaniel Torres, Founder and CEO of Lavi

Lavi is an on-demand concierge service via text. While most delivery services require an app and a layered interface to find exactly what you’re looking for, Lavi handles everything via text. Members can simply text a request, and the order is on its way.

After feedback from customers and a few pivots, Lavi founder Nathaniel Torres is ready to scale. In order to do that, he needs a clear financial picture, cash flow forecasts, and consolidated data to share with potential investors. Prior to finding Viably, those financial projections requires too much time in spreadsheets and different tools.

In this video, Torres describes the inspiration behind Lavi, and the iterations required to arrive where they are. He lays out a vision for what Lavi will become, and how it will change the delivery experience for consumers. He also talks about the challenges entrepreneurs face in trying to finance their ideas — even after proof of concept. As he prepares to secure more funding, Viably helps him track his cash flow and forecast for investors.

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