Financial Management Solutions for Retail and eCommerce Business

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that helps retail and ecommerce businesses streamline financial management, operations, and growth? Use Viably to simplify forecasting, plan inventory purchases, and prepare for funding opportunities!


Go beyond the operational tasks of your ecommerce store.

ECommerce Tick

Funding to fuel your ecommerce growth

See real time cash flow trends, so that when you need funding for an opportunity, Viably can quickly provide access flexible funding options for online sellers.

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Financial tools built for online sellers

Connect your ecommerce marketplace(s) and accounting software with Viably’s free Business Account, to simplify the view across your business’ finances.

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Financial analytics that matter

Viably helps untangle trends and highlights insights in your online shop’s sales and payouts. Stay ahead of cash crunches.

Retail and Ecommerce

Expand and grow your retail and ecommerce business with Viably. Our free and secure business banking account is perfect for retail and ecommerce businesses. Integrate your existing marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify, with a few simple clicks.

Understanding the Retail and Ecommerce Industry

Viably is perfect for Amazon and Shopify storefronts. Here are several features Viably offers to seamlessly to fulfill all your retail and ecommerce financial management needs:

  • Integrate your marketplace (like Shopify or Amazon Seller Central) with Viably with assurance and security. Access Viably, a free business financial management platform, by applying for your Viably account (it only takes a few minutes!) and avoid being in a bank queue ever again. 
  • Our integrated platform allows retail and ecommerce business owners to learn about their finances in one location. Integrate your ecommerce marketplace accounts for robust, efficient financial reporting.
  • Using this data, Viably offers multiple funding options for your next inventory purchase, product launch, or advertising needs. Viably will never tell you how you need to spend your funding dollars, but Viably Growth tools allow you to better predict and forecast your sales with or without funding in place. 
  • Move your money faster to improve your cash flow. Receive your payouts to your Viably business account, track your finances, and reinvest in your company’s growth. Free up time and resources to maintain your product inventories and never miss a payment to an important vendor again.
  • Use ACH to expedite the payment of invoices to suppliers and workers. Our advanced analytics and insights on your finances help you to plan ahead with reserves for significant inventory and material purchases.

Why Does the Retail and Ecommerce Industry Need a Business Financial Management Solution?

Retail and ecommerce businesses compete in a fast-moving environment. Business owners often have to be aware of their cash flow, inventory, collections, overheads, and remaining credit while managing their retail and ecommerce operations. Being able to have an all-in-one view of your product sales, the latest trends in your sales, and your inflows and outflows gives retail and ecommerce businesses the opportunity to receive outside that funding that can lead to more profits and growth. Yet, this opportunity is often squandered due to inefficient cash flow management or losing track of your business expenditures.

How We Can Help the Retail and Ecommerce Industry

With Viably, Amazon business owners always know where they stand with real-time cash flow trends, categorized expenses, and recommendations to help run the business. Viably alerts online sellers of any changes to regular expenses, opportunities to save, and how spending impacts the financial health of the business. With just a few clicks in Viably’s app, online sellers can see how money is moving and always know where their business stands. We know it takes money to grow an ecommerce business, so Viably offers revenue-based funding tied to your store’s performance, with funds available within 24 hours. Viably is not a loan or debt, and unlike your bank, allowing you to grow your business on your terms.

Why Choose Viably’s Business Financial Management Solutions for Your Retail and Ecommerce Business?

Viably’s mission is to give sellers like you the capital they need to grow their ecommerce business, along with a suite of financial tools to plan and extend your cash flow, in one place.

Viably’s financial management platform built specifically for ecommerce business owners ensures you don’t have any more surprises when it comes to your cash. See every dollar coming in and going out with visual cash flow trends to help run your business.

If you have any questions about our business financial management solutions, email us today to get the conversation started.

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