Viably announces new product, Viably Wholesaler Accelerator, after securing $50 million debt financing facility

This morning, Viably is proud to announce yet another exciting financial product offering for ecommerce entrepreneurs, Viably Wholesaler Accelerator

In our commitment to supporting the success of all types of Amazon sellers, our team noticed a gap in tailored funding available to meet the needs of Amazon wholesalers, prompting the creation of this new innovative working capital product. Viably Wholesaler Accelerator is designed to revolutionize the way wholesalers fund and operate their ecommerce business on Amazon by addressing their most unique and pressing financial challenges. 

Viably Wholesale Accelerator is powered by a $50 million debt financing facility secured from long-time investors Viola Credit, enabling Viably to further provide ecommerce businesses with the financial resources they need to thrive. 

How is Viably Wholesaler Accelerator different from other funding products? 

Since the very beginning, Viably is committed to supporting all sellers on Amazon, including Private Label sellers. However, after spending more time in the ecosystem and speaking directly to sellers, the gaps in support for wholesalers became increasingly apparent. 

With wholesalers making up the second-largest selling model on Amazon’s marketplace, the innovative team at Viably began to design a solution in order to address the challenges that come with stunted cash flow due to capital being tied up in inventory purchases: 

Enhanced Buying Power 

Wholesalers can use Viably Wholesaler Accelerator to access a higher, adjustable credit limit designed to grow with their business. This provides sellers financial flexibility that’s necessary to take advantage of time sensitive growth opportunities and to benefit from better terms from their suppliers. 

Cash Cycle Alignment 

Monthly deployment of working capital is expertly aligned with the wholesalers cash cycle to get the most benefit out of additional funding. By distributing working capital at the right time, wholesalers are able to make larger and faster inventory purchases and optimize profits. 

Cash Flow-Friendly Remittance

Viably Wholesaler Accelerator’s repayment structure is meticulously aligned with the wholesalers cash flow to avoid putting pressure on them throughout busy or strategic periods. Instead, repayment is made at the best time possible for the seller, facilitating a seamless and hassle-free repayment process.

Vladislav Kiroishihn, one of the first sellers to use Viably Wholesaler Accelerator, expressed that his experience in working with Viably felt personalized and tailored to him compared to other ecommerce service providers. “In a world run by automation and robots, Viably provides a private banking experience and real human interactions,” Vlad shared. “Their VP of Customer Success worked with me directly to understand my business goals, and then put together a working capital plan for us. They actually knew my business and I felt like I knew them.” 

Viably is committed to helping ecommerce business owners and Amazon sellers succeed in reaching their full potential and financial goals, regardless of their model. The new Viably Wholesaler Accelerator product stands as a testament to this commitment and to the innovation that has driven Viably to be a leading service provider for ecommerce businesses. Amazon sellers can now begin to dream even more boldly thanks to Viably’s innovative financial solutions.

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