Amazon Inventory Managers: 4 Best Softwares to Help

If you’re an Amazon seller, keeping your inventory managed and organized is critical to the success of your business. Thankfully, a variety of software solutions can help you manage your Amazon inventory like a pro. From helping to optimize stock levels to staying up-to-date with new regulations, these four software programs are some of the best Amazon inventory managers in the industry.

RestockPro by eComEngine

This inventory software provides accurate forecasting tools and is designed to help Amazon FBA sellers maximize their profits. Additionally, sellers can use RestockPro to request timely restock suggestions and identify their best-sellers. This way, FBA sellers can avoid stockout situations and take the guesswork out of staying in stock. RestockPro can also help sellers calculate estimated margins for their products. You no longer have to worry about selling products at prices that are too low. In addition, business owners can now track shipments, suppliers, as well as product and cost information in one cloud-based platform. If you value convenience, efficiency, and want to better manage costs, choosing RestockPro is the way to go.


Sellbrite is one of the most powerful and user-friendly pieces of software on the market for managing Amazon inventory. It helps sellers keep track of their products, optimize their listings, and manage orders quickly and easily. 

With Sellbrite’s powerful suite of features, it’s easy to see why it has become a go-to solution for Amazon sellers. The software simplifies the process of tracking inventory levels across multiple sales channels. It also allows users to price globally and individually, giving them greater control over how they price their products. 

Additionally, Sellbrite can automate product listing updates across different stores to ensure accuracy and consistency. From streamlined order management to automated product listing updates, Sellbrite is an invaluable tool for any seller looking to make the most out of their Amazon store.


Appath is one of the best software solutions to help with Amazon Inventory Management. It removes the hassle from managing inventory and makes it easy for ecommerce sellers to track their stock and make better decisions about their business. 

This sophisticated software offers a number of features that allow users to monitor inventory levels across multiple sales channels, manage order fulfillment, and generate reports on sales performance. Using Appath’s real-time analytics dashboard, users can easily view product trends and sales over time to accurately forecast upcoming demand.

They also have access to advanced reporting tools that allow them to analyze key metrics such as cost per unit or average order value. Additionally, Appath provides powerful automation capabilities that allow users to create rules for the automatic replenishing or distribution of goods to maintain optimal stock levels at all times.

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Linnworks has recently gained recognition as one of the best software solutions for Amazon sellers. With a growing list of features, Linnworks has become a go-to choice for those looking to streamline their Amazon operations. 

The cloud-based platform offers all the essential components to manage inventory on Amazon. This includes stock control, order processing, shipping integration, and repricing engines. Sellers can quickly and easily keep track of each product they have listed – from quantity levels to pricing information – so that they know exactly how their business is performing at any given time. 

Additionally, Linnworks allows users to access real-time sales data, giving them greater visibility into their performance across multiple channels.

Inventory management is a critical part of your success as an Amazon seller. If you’re struggling to generate cash flow to fund your inventory needs, check out our recent webinar with Tomer Rabinovich to learn how to better plan your orders in alignment with your available cash.

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