Product Testing Campaigns: The Revolutionary Ranking Strategy For Amazon Sellers

Even the most creative and innovative products have the potential to fail in oversaturated marketplaces, like Amazon. Successful Amazon sellers understand that you can have the best product in a niche with an unbeatable offer and still lose out on sales to competitors if it doesn’t have enough visibility. A perfect Amazon product listing that doesn’t make it in front of buyers won’t generate any sales or expand your audience to new customers. That’s why it’s critical to optimize and run product testing campaigns to ensure your Amazon listings make it to the first page of search results– and to the eyes of buyers.

If your product is buried on Amazon’s last page of search results there’s only a slim chance someone will find it. In fact, 70% of Amazon shoppers never venture beyond the first page of search results. While most sellers understand the importance of optimizing their product listings, there’s a hidden strategy that can make the difference between a thriving Amazon seller and an underperforming one.

This strategy is running product testing campaigns. Product testing campaigns ensure that you can improve your visibility and sales by leveraging data and insight from product testers– real people who have an interest or passion for your niche, and who can serve as reviewers. In this blog post, we’ll explore what product testing campaigns are, why they wield such power for Amazon sellers, and the transformation they can bring in your business.

What Are Product Testing Campaigns?

Utilizing product testing campaigns to their full extent goes beyond typical customer engagement methods and offers an innovative and effective way to get real customer feedback. 

The goal of a product testing campaign is finding authentic product testers who have a genuine interest in your niche and providing them with your product free of charge. These campaigns provide you with a trove of authentic survey results, which allow you to understand what your customers really think of your Amazon product.  

Besides giving you customer insights, it’s a secret weapon for ranking higher, boosting reviews, and driving sales. Why? Amazon’s search algorithm loves sales and wants to showcase products that are currently resonating with buyers and have the momentum necessary to drive sales and views. Not only will you be able to access genuine customer feedback, but you can leverage product testers to get your product listings to the top of organic searches on Amazon.

The Mindset Behind Product Testing Campaigns

While a struggling Amazon seller might invest time and money to improve the product and its quality, they can’t control sales volume. Even once the product is at its absolute best and fully optimized, the product listing still needs to be improved to reach wider audiences and increase visibility. 

At the same time, a successful Amazon seller can attract sales even while sleeping, with less effort. Even though their product might not be as valuable and well-suited toward the niche, a successful seller with a fully optimized product listing can still make more sales and a greater profit on Amazon.

This is because the profitable seller’s product appears on the first page on Amazon for specific keywords and customers can easily find it. By optimizing the product listing successful Amazon sellers are capable of putting lower quality or cheaper products in front of a higher volume of potential customers, therefore generating more sales and greater profits. Many lower-quality products have better success on Amazon because their listings are highly optimized, allowing them to display on the first page of search results for specific keywords.

Despite your product’s amazing features and benefits, nobody knows about it because it lacks strategic visibility. On the other hand, low-quality products with better visibility tend to sell better just because they are easier to find. 

Keywords are the gold mine that every seller seeks to exploit. The higher your products rank for relevant keywords, the greater your visibility and sales potential. Product testing campaigns can be leveraged to help you improve your keyword rankings, by utilizing feedback from testers to find relevant keywords, qualities, and more that will help you stand out in your niche. 

5 ways Product Testing Campaigns can transform your Amazon business

1. Maximize Your Visibility and Sales 

Visibility and sales are the key differentiators between top-performing and unsuccessful Amazon sellers. By adopting a product testing strategy to boost your rankings, you’ll dominate your niche and ensure that potential customers can find your products before your competitors.

The more visibility you gain, the more sales you can attract organically.

2. Identify Improvement Areas for Your Products

Rather than learning about product flaws from unhappy customers through negative reviews, product testers provide constructive feedback. Their feedback will be in the form of a short survey about their purchase and product experience. 

This feedback helps you pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring that your customers are satisfied and more likely to return for future purchases.

3. Build Social Proof and Brand Awareness

Testers often become brand advocates, recommending your products to their friends and family. This word-of-mouth promotion can significantly boost your brand’s social proof and awareness, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

4. A Deeper Understanding of the Target Audience

Product testers are carefully chosen to represent your target audience, and their feedback offers a valuable perspective on your Amazon products. Since an ideal tester is already an established member of your target audience they can provide insight into the benefits and concerns potential customers will find with your product. Product testers also have expert understanding of the type of language that potential customers will use when researching purchases. 

Feedback from these testers is invaluable because it can help you gain a better understanding of how your potential buyers are likely to react, enabling you to tailor your strategies more effectively.

5. Enhancing Product Listings and the Shopping Experience

Product testers’ survey results can offer insights into the accuracy of your product listings, the quality of your product photos, and the overall shopping experience. Armed with this information, you can make informed changes to enhance and optimize your product listings and shopping experience. 

The 4-Step Journey in a Successful Product Testing Campaign

To build a successful product testing campaign, imagine a roadmap toward achieving greater visibility and sales. This roadmap has specific tasks at each step in order to get you closer to reach the first page on Amazon.

Step 1: Analyze the product niche

Researching your niche’s keywords is the first step in crafting a ranking strategy. In the beginning, we suggest you focus on ranking for long-tail keywords on your Amazon product listing. After that, you can move to short-tail keywords.

Step 2: Setup the campaign 

Decide how many units of the product you’ll give away to testers and how many of the keywords you’re hoping to rank for. Ensure that you have prepared very clear instructions on how to order and test the products. Additionally, make sure that your response survey is comprehensive, covering all aspects that are related to keywords that you hope to rank for afterwards. 

Step 3: Find niche product testers and offer them a product for free

It’s critical to look for people who match their avatar so that the feedback they provide is verifiable. Ensuring that you have honest feedback and can implement suggestions accordingly is critical to an effective product testing campaign. 

Step 4: Evaluate the results

When a product testing campaign round ends, you’ll receive authentic survey results from the testers. Based on these responses, you can get a general perspective on what customers think of your products. At the same time, your product testers’ orders pushed the Amazon algorithm to help you rank higher on the specific keywords they used to find you. 

So not only do you receive genuine feedback and ideas on what to improve in your listings and product and shopping experience, but at the same time, you elevate your product with a boost that can help move it closer to page 1 on Amazon for strategic keywords. 

Turn struggles into profits with Product Testing Campaigns

Capitalizing on keywords for a product listing is challenging for any Amazon Seller, and with visibility having such a large impact on sales success it can be incredibly stressful. Resources, like intelliRank, can help by improving your search engine ranking without the hassle. 

By harnessing the power of product testing campaigns, sellers can elevate their products’ visibility, enhance their understanding of customer preferences, and build stronger brands. With this simple yet powerful and highly efficient ranking strategy, you can skyrocket your product and sales, all while constantly building a loyal audience that loves your brand and recommends it to close friends and family.

This blog was contributed by our partners at intelliRank.

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